Digital Services

Ones and zeros.

When you boil it down to its very essence, digital technology is the method by which we convert information into sequences of ones and zeros. In the digital world "ONE" is representative of "ON" and "ZERO" is "OFF".

A computer is nothing more that a box filled with switches and those switches are turned on and off at the speed of light in response to the user's actions. Ironically, the computer is most often in an idle state as it sits waiting for the user's next command.

In the Consolidated Printers Digital Department, being idle is a state we can't afford. To maintain our momentum we are staffed with some of the most active and innovative minds in digital publishing and electronic imaging. Our digital technicians are informed and up-to-date with the latest and the most efficient hardware and software products available.

We have to be; it's our job to get it right the first time.


Drivers: Print drivers serve a unique purpose in the digital imaging process. Simply put, they provide the user with printer/imagesetter specific features such as lines per inch, screen angles, output sizes, etc. In order to prepare your PostScript files with proper the information, download our print driver.

Shareware Titles: We also provide you with links to a few very popular, in some cases, very essential utilities that you can get off the Web to simplify your job.

Software Updates: A digital resources page wouldn't be complete without links to updates as they become available for you favorite software titles.

Contact our digital department at for more information.


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