bullet Consolidated has over 30 years of experience in Elections Services, first providing printing of Sample Ballot booklets in 1982.
bullet Consolidated Elections Services first produced voting device printing in 1992, when it generated Votamatic Cards for a predecessor to optical scan voting systems of today.  Consolidated has produced voting device printing for several generations of voting devices.
bullet As a California-certified Manufacturer and Finisher of Official Ballots, Consolidated has produced millions of Official Ballots annually, all on equipment owned and operated by Consolidated in the State of California.
bullet Consolidated provides additional critical services to its Sample Ballot and Official Ballot clientele, including data management services, typesetting, translation services and mailing services.  Others offer Sample and Official Ballots as ancillary services to a voting systems and software business, relying on subcontractors for production.  Consolidated Elections Services focuses exclusively on elections printing and related services, not voting systems.