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About us

Founded in 1952, Consolidated Printers, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of technical documentation and books in Northern California. By combining value-creating technologies with the principles of TQM and Time-Based Manufacturing™, Consolidated Printers delivers high quality, superior service, and a track-record of delivering on any imaginable schedule.

Operating heatset and open web presses, each an impressive two stories tall with heat-set ovens, sheeters, and automatic splicers — provides Consolidated Printers with the capacity to print more than 1 million impressions a day. This translates into as many as 40 million typical pages per day.

Along with in-house perfect binding and saddle stitching, Consolidated Printers has the capability of binding more that 15,000 books per hour. These, together with its pre-press department provide Consolidated Printers with the capability to produce more than 350,000 books per day.

Our proven ability to produce a wide range of products with a virtually perfect on-time delivery record would not exist without the skill and dedication of the employees of Consolidated Printers.

Consolidated Printers Mission Statement

Ever-Improving Quality

Consolidated Printers is committed to quality, continuous improvements, and TQM.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Consolidated Printers is committed to satisfying customers beyond the point of “good enough.”

Empower Employees

Consolidated Printers is the sum of each of its employees.